Fetish evolution part  4 0


Photographer :Latexistenz

Model: DarkWing-Zero, Joanne Lafountaine, and T-NIX the Gimp


2021-07-227:34 minutesLatex

And because it has you it so much - and my slaves cock was extremely horny by the outfit - he is running around two days, "head held high" and had to constantly change their underwear - here horny milking in rubber dirndl.

Best of Femdom Pt.02

2021-07-15Avengelique9:51 minutesBig boobs, Fetish, Latex

Part 2 of my best femdom clips

You're gasping for fresh air, breathing get's harder and harder, your lungs are starting to burn...

Sweat is pouring out of your latex catsuit and your almighty mistress is holding the air hose shut of your gasmask. Allowing to smell your mistress pussy or even bader... sealing you into her vacuum bed and lowering down her goddess ass to your face... Facesitting of the highest quality

Last part: Now it's time for THE TENTAC!

See me fuck this alien type of a kinky cock from outer space! What a great feel for for my wet snatch! Now, you'll to cum too! Wank you fucking cock!

DarkDoll Nightmare part 2 0


Photographer :Latexistenz

Model: DarkWing-Zero,

The dildo hose

2021-07-01Avengelique5:24 minutesBig boobs, Latex

Continuing the hot mess it's time to get on the gasmask and attach a very special accessoir.

The olfactory dildo...

Normaly this special accessoir is just lil' slavepigs... like you. But unfortunately you're such a loser that you didn't achive to earn it.

Therefor you only can watch how mistress is havin fun with it on her own... having the precious pussy smell all for her alone.

Fetish evolution part  3 0


Photographer :Latexistenz

Model: DarkWing-Zero, Joanne Lafountaine, and T-NIX the Gimp

Day of the tentacl 02 - Juicy pussy

2021-06-244:09 minutesLatex

Part Two gets it going....time to make that juicy lady-pussy of mine wet and ready for thie shape of things to come. And hey, rub your thick hard cock and get it wet!

Classic - DarkDoll

2021-06-21DarkWing-Zero 91 imagesBig boobs, Blonde, Latex
Classic - DarkDoll 0


Photographer :Latexistenz

Model: DarkWing-Zero

Best of Femdom Pt.01

2021-06-18Avengelique9:15 minutesDomination, Fetish, Latex

Part 1 of a little collection of my best femdom clips.

So c'mon you little slave pig, kneel in front of you mistress and worship me...

Serve me and lick my boots. Feel my cane and present me your butt... Surrender yourself to me

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