You want to serve Lady Avengelique and become her property?
In a few cases, the mistress granted this desire, but it must fit.

What criteria you have to meet you can read here.

- Building Trust: Nothing works without trust. Lady Avengelique expects you to trust her, just as she would trust you. So prove that you are worthy

- Be generous: Generous means not only spending money to me or making me gifts, it also means be generous with your emotions.

- Be reliable: There's nothing the lady hates more than false promises and trash-talkers. Stand by your word. Appear on time, do your tasks conscientiously and punctually. Don't promise if you can't hold one's promise.

- Discuss not and demand not: The next thing, what probably every mistress hates, are eternally demanding and disputing slaves. With someone bitchy, a goddess does not want to waste her precious time. If you do not know where your place is and what your tasks are then you have not understood what being a slave is all about and are not worthy of a lady. The mistress is not your fairy queen to fulfill your wish list.




Should you be one of those would-be slaves? However you are allowed to experience the goddess under point 1-3 and buy in yourself as a movie slave.


Application :