JOI  - Long claws  special 0
Probably the hottest whanking instructions for claw lovers ever. Soooo, you little horny pig want to spray my red claws? I can already see you at the nose uh penis tip.
As horny as your neighbor's Lumpi. Take care of the eavesdroppers. Is Whanked and Cum as and how I say it
Close encounter of a transparent Art - Phase 4 0

Endphase - It's time to release him from his "pain" and jerk-off all of his juices.
He cums in a good load on my mask

Close encounter of a transparent Art - Phase 3 0

For Phase 3 i'm again taking over the lead and showing the whore what's behind the p-therapy
Goddess golden nectar is filled up in some medical urinebag and will be given over a tube

Close encounter of a transparent Art - Phase 2 0

Phase 2 shows a latexpig who's keen on getting hard cocks in his mouth and showing me how he's doing that with my big black dildo.
Perhaps even i can learn something from such a pro.

And at the i'm shooting a big load of cum in his face

Close encounter of a transparent Art - Phase 1 0

Hey you little whanker. What about a little functioncheck of your cock ?

Ok... than you can start with this clip and begin stroking your cock slowly while your goddess is doing some shiny works on her outfit

Grip of Rubber

2019-03-2912:17 minutesBig boobs, Cuckold, Femdom
Grip of Rubber 0

Dressed in hot latex the lady is jerking her master cock and you little cuckold will watch.

And that's all you can and have to do. Locked up in your chastitydevice you only can watch. No joining the mistress and especially no touching yourself.
To ensure that the mistress added some hand & foot shackles to your cockcage and of course... a gag.

Understandably the mistress doesn't want to be disturbed while she's jerking of her master cock.

Rubbery and Slipery - Now it will be settled 0

After you have proven your worthlessness, your mistress sees herself to get even the last drop of your nectar from your balls.
Not only the practised hand comes into play, but also the oiled, magnificent tits of your mistress.

Enjoy it, you worm, as long as you can. What will not be long enough, that much is clear.
Actually, you do not deserve it, but for once I am merciful, which is why I used the claws to empty your balls and get every single drop.

Rubbery and Slipery - hands on, fire free

2018-12-285:11 minutesBDSM, Latex
Rubbery and Slipery - hands on, fire free 0

Attention, your mistress has something new for you horny wanker.

First of all, you listen to what I have to say to you, to your little piggies, before I start the thing with a nice hand massage. But it does not spray your failure, otherwise it was the last time my hand
touched your useless belt. So pants down, the Dingelchen taken in the hand and woe I see only a drop of your juice out, while I deign to edit you.

JOI - Wishclip

2018-12-067:13 minutesJerk Off Instruction
JOI - Wishclip 0

On a special demand here it is...  My first Jerk Off Instruction with explicit Dirty Talk

Wearing my sexy latex nurse-outfit with a satin-nylon pantyhose i order the rubberslave to wank first gently and slow and then to give his dick the wank of his life. Hard and with full speed.
Why don't you join in.

Your experience will be enhanced by smooth movements of the camera to simulate and stimulate your wanking :D

And when it's time to shoot your load you'll get a little extra animation to help you... direct to your face :D

So... what are you waiting for ?

Avengelique's latex-action: Cum on my shiny tits! 0


Get ready for a new dose of big-titted Avengelique's kinky rubber / latex milking adventures!

She's wearing a latex open-breast-dominatrix-body, shiny tigh-high platform-boots, leggings, gloves and of course her perverted mask - and she starts by slowly oiling up herself, beginning with her massive tits, to make them slick and very shiny, continuing to her nice ass...what a goddess!

And she once gain hungers for a nice juicy cock to milk it in the most arousing ways possible. See her stroking the poor slave-dick with her slick latex-gloves, massaging the cock all the way, deepthroating and sucking it, driving poor Mr. Slave to the brink of insanity - but she doesn't want him to cum all over her massive oiled up tits, there has to eb a massive dose iof juicy titfucking, two-hand-stroking, and continued licking before her slave's cock can finally release his huge load of cum in an exstatic orgsam!

As, always, Rubbertits-clips show you lots of intense latex-action, interesting in your face views and angles, lots of massive shiny tits, heels - everything a latex-fetishist wants to experience