2020-08-214:18 minutesBig boobs, Fetish
Wetlook-Worship 0

Your goddess receives you in an shiny black wetlook outfit that especially promotes her big tits.
And don't forget the shiny golden overknees... I'm teasing you with all that and you damned it will praise me

Jerk-off instruction fetish style 0

Shortly before renovating the living room i get so wet and has to care about a little dildo.

So it ended up with with good caring for the dildo and making this joi clip about ass, tits, whanking, good caring of dildos ;-) and especially wetlook outfits.
So don't miss this one of a kind clip produced out of curiosity

The arcade voyeur

2019-04-19Avengelique7:16 minutesDomination, Femdom, High heels
The arcade voyeur 0
You thought that'll be quite a good idea. Voyeur and videotape women in the gambling hall... Bad luck that you got caught red handed but instead calling the cops mistress is turning the tables.
Now it's time for your punishment. So down on your knees, take out your little cock and start wanking.
But don't you cum until mistress allows to do so and then you will clean up your mess.
Guidebook Education - Today: Boot worshipping 0

There's he again... the lil' slave nixnutz who can't even lick and worship mistress boots in the correct manner.

So here's your guidebook "how to correctly whorship mistress boots". Just for you to know how the cat jumps... You know the drill, don't you ?
Can you proof your worth it ? Or are you to weak for that little bit nippletorture?

Guidebook Education - Today: Change of position 0

Especialy for you slave pigs, there is a new series that will teach you how to obey.

Also for future ladies this is just as recommendable. Many Nixnutze do not know how to introduce oneself to the mistress, behaves when she is in the room or sometimes outside the room, what the dumb slave's duties are and also what punishments are coming up to him.

This will explicitly show this series again. So hands off your little wiener, eyes open, brain on and watch very carefully you Nixnutz.

Think carefully if you can stand Mistress Avengelique and really want to be a slave, or are you just one of these wannabees you can't do anything with
Wanking has to be earned... My attention too...

Long Nails Special - Latexdress Strip

2018-12-065:43 minutesBig boobs, Fetish
Long Nails Special - Latexdress Strip 0

The long nails series concludes with something special... A cock hardening latexdress strip

Sexy posing, big shiny ass and tits and some flashes of my goddess pussy


2018-12-066:18 minutesBig boobs, Latex

Keen on some sexy clothes, a big butt and big tits ? Ok... the get our your dick and get him hard

Up to many customer request i'm wearing a predator-style wetlook catsuit. While doing some sexy posing, rubbing my boobs and twerking my ass you can only do one thing... Whanking your tiny littlie dick up to shooting your load

Bitch Lady wants your juice Part 3 0

Level 3 - Endgame :D

After whanking you to hell it's now time for fuck...

Once in a while the slavecock has to fuck goddess pussy, just for good

And you... Don't you dare stop whanking your own lil' slavecock. You WILL cum when he's cumming

Bitch Lady wants your juice Part 2 0

Level 2 - Whanking your lil' dick on my oiled nylon ass.

Look at my big oily tits and i transform your lil' slave cock into a hungry wiener that barely can hold his sperm.

But wait what's in store for level 3...

Bitch Lady wants your juice Part 1 0

As your Wetlook Bitch-Lady i'm keen on your juice.

And to get the best results i made a 3 stage plan...

Level 1 - Get out my huge tits and jerk yout little slave cock a little.. just to wake him up