Probably the hottest whanking instructions for claw lovers ever. Soooo, you little horny pig want to spray my red claws? I can already see you at the nose uh penis tip.
As horny as your neighbor's Lumpi. Take care of the eavesdroppers. Is Whanked and Cum as and how I say it
Heavy Rubber Double Action Wanking Instruction 0

And here are Avengelique and Slutlana performing one of the hottest wanking instructions for your hard cock!

See both of them take good care of your wet meatstick, as Avengelique titfucks a huge dildo, and Slutlana fucks herself silly in both holes!

Amazing, kinky rubber action to wank and wank and wank till your balls are drained

Patientenverfügung Pt.2

2019-07-19Avengelique3:51 minutesBig boobs, Costume
Patientenverfügung Pt.2 0

There he is... so flaccid...

What's gonna help again this depression... Correct, forced cumming. So trousers off, dick out and let to pro do her job.
A little bit to the front, a little bit to the back... back and forth.. back and forth... recall and repeat...

And believe or not... there will be instantly shooting one's load

Patientenverfügung Pt.1

2019-06-14Avengelique6:57 minutesBig boobs, Latex, Medical
Patientenverfügung Pt.1 0

Look who's ringing for the night nurse ?

Did you do your lil' pee ? No?
Now look at you... Your lil' cock standing tall. Did you do your "patient's provision"?
When i'm finished with you dirty little wanker, you've to ask yourself if you can stand another EJO-Threatment
Sooo... just listen to your night nurse, follow her directions and everything will be ok


2019-02-222:34 minutesDomination, High heels, Latex
Gummistiefelei 0

My new, red rubber boots I show you dirty, little piggy slaves. They were a gift from an admire. You stupid slave piece have forgotten the monthsday, so you'll see what you can not touch or even lick for now.

Not before I'm finished and they are completely dirty and filthy. This threat I will make true in one of the next clips and then the slave tongue must work properly .....

Rubbery and Slipery - Now it will be settled 0

After you have proven your worthlessness, your mistress sees herself to get even the last drop of your nectar from your balls.
Not only the practised hand comes into play, but also the oiled, magnificent tits of your mistress.

Enjoy it, you worm, as long as you can. What will not be long enough, that much is clear.
Actually, you do not deserve it, but for once I am merciful, which is why I used the claws to empty your balls and get every single drop.

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