Pin-Up Bitch 1

2020-07-243:42 minutesBig boobs, Jerk Off Instruction

There's no problem to get horny little cocks hard when you whank them in this bitchy outfit.
And these oiled big tits working as a charm as well

So just watch how i work that cock in this 3 part story.

And get out yours... NOW!!!


Cellar Kink - Wanking

2019-11-156:49 minutesLatex

Continuing the shameless kink by jerking off my slave-cock in the cellar!


2018-12-066:18 minutesBig boobs, Latex

Keen on some sexy clothes, a big butt and big tits ? Ok... the get our your dick and get him hard

Up to many customer request i'm wearing a predator-style wetlook catsuit. While doing some sexy posing, rubbing my boobs and twerking my ass you can only do one thing... Whanking your tiny littlie dick up to shooting your load

Pin-Up Bitch 3

2018-12-065:04 minutesBig boobs, Jerk Off Instruction

The series concludes with some heavy and extreme titfucking... Getting him over the edge ? Not so fast...

He get's some seconds to rest and then goddess goes for it with heavy stroking slave's cock until he can hold it anymore and just shoots his massive load.

Pin-Up Bitch 2

2018-12-063:01 minutesBig boobs, Jerk Off Instruction

Slave's cock is slapping goddesses ass...

How naughty is that, but goddess is pleased. Once in a while she just needs to feel some hard cock on her ass


Level 3 - Endgame :D

After whanking you to hell it's now time for fuck...

Once in a while the slavecock has to fuck goddess pussy, just for good

And you... Don't you dare stop whanking your own lil' slavecock. You WILL cum when he's cumming

Level 2 - Whanking your lil' dick on my oiled nylon ass.

Look at my big oily tits and i transform your lil' slave cock into a hungry wiener that barely can hold his sperm.

But wait what's in store for level 3...

As your Wetlook Bitch-Lady i'm keen on your juice.

And to get the best results i made a 3 stage plan...

Level 1 - Get out my huge tits and jerk yout little slave cock a little.. just to wake him up

Another x-tra long and extremely cock-stiffening heavy rubber-clip that will satsify your need for latex, big tits, long nails and milking a cock, preferably yours, eh? :-)

Avengelique tries out a new costume-variant, wearing a new, kinky mask, a latex-tie, the always wanted Megatits-body, latex-gloves with newly added gautlets, with a metal-rings to further stimulate a poor cock, leggings, corset and ultraplateau-stiletto-heel.

She begins by rubbbing herself ,moans, oils up her whole latex-covered body and is simply preparing to get extra-horny to practise her perfect cock-milking-skills, and this time poor slave-cock has to endure the ultimate in single-hand and double hand stroking, titfucking, massaging, touching, rubbing - whatever goes, is done, in perfection by Mistress Avengelique

This milking session simply is sensational, and your cock will thank you for getting this clip, so it can become stiff and wet every time you watch it. One of our best works inspired by your requests!
As always, you get a high-quality, professionally edited clip containing lots of cameraangles you see nowhere else, and don't forget about Mistress Avengelique, the goddess of milking!

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