2020-08-214:18 minutesBig boobs, Fetish
Wetlook-Worship 0

Your goddess receives you in an shiny black wetlook outfit that especially promotes her big tits.
And don't forget the shiny golden overknees... I'm teasing you with all that and you damned it will praise me

Fast help

2020-06-054:04 minutesJerk Off Instruction
Fast help 0
He you...
Wanna get jerked... jerked real good. And then cum like there's no tomorrow?
OK.. No answer necessary. The massive bulge in your trousers did that for you.
Then let's start the party... But don't you dare to come early..

Double-P-I-S-S-Action in Latex

2020-01-03Avengelique and Slutlana5:07 minutesLesbian, Peeing
Double-P-I-S-S-Action in Latex 0

Here Avengelique and her rubberwhorestudent Slutlana-X are just wetting themselves and the bathtub with their golden honey!

Dressed in their kinky, cum-inducing latex-attire from their previous shiny and perverted clips, they make sure, your cock grows big again.
Also, Slutlana's massive ammount of released in wave after wave needs to be seen to be believed! galore! After they have emptied their bladderes, it's time for some little showering....

Greedy Pink Bitch 1

2019-12-133:15 minutesBlow Job
Greedy Pink Bitch 1 0

Hey slave, Give me your Dick, let me suck you out. i will gave you a blow job like no other

Big Boss

2019-08-166:23 minutesLatex
Big Boss 0

Following the motto "Jerk finally, properly you wimp!" shows you your rubber imperious boss, how do you take your hard cock right in her hand to make it with the Get Down to the satisfaction of your mistress works!


2019-07-26Avengelique5:39 minutesBlow Job, Jerk Off Instruction, Latex
Pervangel 0

There's nothing better than a big hard cock to jerk off.

Slowly with my long red claws, that's what you like you little pig. Feel my red coloured nails on your hard boner, like you lil' pigs like it.
After that i will suck'n'blow and pinch your cock even harder up to there's no more juice left and every single drop is drained.

Then my beautifull red claws will play with your juices, so it will drive you crazy.

A must see for you wanking, forced milking and finger&nail addicts

Rubbery and Slipery - Now it will be settled 0

After you have proven your worthlessness, your mistress sees herself to get even the last drop of your nectar from your balls.
Not only the practised hand comes into play, but also the oiled, magnificent tits of your mistress.

Enjoy it, you worm, as long as you can. What will not be long enough, that much is clear.
Actually, you do not deserve it, but for once I am merciful, which is why I used the claws to empty your balls and get every single drop.

Rubbery and Slipery - My tits will challenge you 0

After the little cock was jerked pretty hard and tight, it's time to spoil the breasts of your mistress. But you can only watch while I take them out and oil them with relish.
But since I know my little dirty dicks and knows only too well how much they like to stick between my big tits.
I have mercy and leave you in between. But still, woe you come!
Let's see if you can stand those big tits around your ridiculous cock around.

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