2020-05-294:22 minutesFemdom, Latex
Education 0
You little slavepig, i've seen you...
As you were peeping through the window... unallowed... peeping through the window and wanking... definitely unallowed.
You know that there will be harsh consequences, don't you?
What punishment you're asking... If i would tell you right now... there would be no fun for me.
But i will tell you this... It will have a light, a candle and your slave cock in it.
So get undressed and present your little slave cock

Under 3 Layers

2019-11-18DarkWing-Zero 61 imagesBig boobs, Mask Fetish, Rubber
Under 3 Layers 0

Darkwing-Zero wearing a black heavyrubber breastfree catsuit which is showing her beautifull ernomous breasts and a black rubbermask covering her head. To top the Outfit she slipped in some very sexy black highheels.
Over that catsuit she is wearing a transparent latexsuit which is covering her full body and so presenting her boobs in an even more sexier look.

As the Outfit is set and done... it comes to the play :D

Very hot sexy posing get's even hotter when she puts on gasmask and plays around with it.

But what's that... some hidden stranger must have sneaked in and out silently and made a litte "mess" on her catsuit which is now dripping on the ground.

And cause Darkwing-Zero is no one who would waste that precious gold, she starts to play with it.
Rubbing it all over the transparent latex suit, making her covered breasts, her face and even the area "down there" very hot looking


Photographer :  Guchot

Fight the drought

2019-10-11Avengelique1:57 minutesNylon, Outdoors, Peeing
Fight the drought 0
Once in a lifetime you let your slave accompany you on a hiking trail, cause you were in a pleasantfull mood... and then the only you hear constantly is...
"How long will it take, Goddess?"... "Are we there yet?"... "Goddess, how far is it?"... "I can't walk any longer"... "I'm so thirsty, Goddess"
Ok, the first one was easy to answer "So long as i normaly take my time to spank your lil' slave ass.... rreeaaalllly long". For the next dumb questions and naggings it was very good that i brought that nice and sweet cockgag with me.
But first things first and to kill2birds with one stone... on one side saving my slave dying for thirst and on the other side saving the nature against the drought.
So... just have a look... :D :D :D
Guidebook Education Pt. 5 - Facesitting  0

or how to let your slave gasp for breath...

Assworship from it's finest that was what i expected but what i did get was such a disappointment.
Even to stupid to hold his breath. Furthermore he touches and grabs me and tries to push away goddess precious Latexass. Such an ungrateful slave.
For this he's to be punished with tickletorture and good amount of spanks on his microdick. It's just the only thing his microdick is good for. When you can score with length... swollen width definitely must.

Are there no more usefull slaves out there ? Instead only wankers as far as you can see


2019-07-26Avengelique5:39 minutesBlow Job, Jerk Off Instruction, Latex
Pervangel 0

There's nothing better than a big hard cock to jerk off.

Slowly with my long red claws, that's what you like you little pig. Feel my red coloured nails on your hard boner, like you lil' pigs like it.
After that i will suck'n'blow and pinch your cock even harder up to there's no more juice left and every single drop is drained.

Then my beautifull red claws will play with your juices, so it will drive you crazy.

A must see for you wanking, forced milking and finger&nail addicts

Guidebook Education Pt. 04 - Today: Shoepleasing 0

My beloved 10inch high-heels only belong to best slavehands errrr tongues.

So my dirty dumbass will show all you loosers how shoeworshipping is done right.
Gonna learn something to please your mistress. Deepthroat heelsucking is the way mistress loves it.

So... What about you... Will you suck that 10inch better ?

Guidebook Education Pt. 03 - Today: Crop and Nippletorture 0

As my slave T-Nix turns out to be a complete looser who isn't good for anything... Of course, his education goes on...

Now there's the come some fun with my large variety of crops, clamps and of course my nails. Sometimes household appliances are good for many reasons, especially for such loosers like he's.
Clamps... not even they he can stand...

And he calls himself Cuntlord... But only cause he's such a pussy.

You can do better and bear more, can't you ?