Grip of Rubber

2019-03-29 12:17 minutes Big boobs, Cuckold, Femdom

Dressed in hot latex the lady is jerking her master cock and you little cuckold will watch.

And that's all you can and have to do. Locked up in your chastitydevice you only can watch. No joining the mistress and especially no touching yourself.
To ensure that the mistress added some hand & foot shackles to your cockcage and of course... a gag.

Understandably the mistress doesn't want to be disturbed while she's jerking of her master cock.

Torchwood Spacepolice 02

2019-03-25 DarkWing-Zero 54 images Costume, Latex
Torchwood Spacepolice 02 0

2nd Part of Darkwing-Zero as sexy space police officer

Photographer: Guchot

Torchwood Spacepolice 01

2019-01-28 DarkWing-Zero 54 images Costume, Fetish, Latex
Torchwood Spacepolice 01 0


Photographer : Guchot

Men's Dreamgirl

2019-01-07 Avengelique 75 images Costume, Latex
Men's Dreamgirl 0

Lady Avengelique as pussymutant

Photographer : Elisabeth Hackmann

Rubbery and Slipery - hands on, fire free

2018-12-28 5:11 minutes BDSM, Latex

Attention, your mistress has something new for you horny wanker.

First of all, you listen to what I have to say to you, to your little piggies, before I start the thing with a nice hand massage. But it does not spray your failure, otherwise it was the last time my hand
touched your useless belt. So pants down, the Dingelchen taken in the hand and woe I see only a drop of your juice out, while I deign to edit you.

Dream of Rubbertits

2018-12-24 104 images Fetish, Latex
Dream of Rubbertits 0

Merry Xmas from Rubbertits coming with a special torpedotits Lady Avengelique doing little showering and dildoplay

Photographer : Latexistenz

The Wasp

2018-12-06 76 images Costume, Fetish, Latex
The Wasp 0

Lady Avengelique and Lady Cassandra

Photographer : Elisabeth Hackmann

Titty Sisters

2018-12-06 47 images Fetish, Latex
Titty Sisters 0

Lady Avengelique and Vexis

Photographer : Latexistenz

4 Boobs

2018-12-06 58 images Fetish, Latex
4 Boobs 0

Lady Avengelique and Vexis making out in their heavy rubber torpedotits suits

Photographer : Latexistenz

Lake Rubberscubba

2018-12-06 56 images Latex, Outdoors
Lake Rubberscubba 0

DarkWing-Zero taking an swim in the lake and drying on the grass afterwards

Photographer : Harry