Guidebook Education Pt. 5 - Facesitting  0

or how to let your slave gasp for breath...

Assworship from it's finest that was what i expected but what i did get was such a disappointment.
Even to stupid to hold his breath. Furthermore he touches and grabs me and tries to push away goddess precious Latexass. Such an ungrateful slave.
For this he's to be punished with tickletorture and good amount of spanks on his microdick. It's just the only thing his microdick is good for. When you can score with length... swollen width definitely must.

Are there no more usefull slaves out there ? Instead only wankers as far as you can see

Guidebook Education Pt. 03 - Today: Crop and Nippletorture 0

As my slave T-Nix turns out to be a complete looser who isn't good for anything... Of course, his education goes on...

Now there's the come some fun with my large variety of crops, clamps and of course my nails. Sometimes household appliances are good for many reasons, especially for such loosers like he's.
Clamps... not even they he can stand...

And he calls himself Cuntlord... But only cause he's such a pussy.

You can do better and bear more, can't you ?

The TV Makeup Tutorial or how to become a cocksucking slut 0

So you little pig you want to be a cocksucking hoe ?

Look at you... Who does really want to touch, even less fuck you ?

There has to be extensive tutoring. So you lil' cunt come here to get your makeover. Your luck that goddess has her magical suitcase right here for such desperate cases as you are.
A little bit of rouge here, some eyelines there and as finish that bright red lipstick. And 1,2,3 you're the high-class top cocksucking slut who's willing to present her horny little ass to everybody to make good money for the goddess.

Cause only the hottest slut gets the fuck