Rubbery and Slipery - the hornymaker

2020-10-23Avengelique6:53 minutesLatex, Rubber

New megaserie! Wrapped in black rubber, a new, horny, dominant heavy rubber outfit, your mistress is preparing to dump horny bastard her bulging Balls.

First of all, oiled and horny nice.Time to pull out the cock and jerk off, slave pig!

Fight the drought

2019-10-11Avengelique1:57 minutesNylon, Outdoors, Peeing
Fight the drought 0
Once in a lifetime you let your slave accompany you on a hiking trail, cause you were in a pleasantfull mood... and then the only you hear constantly is...
"How long will it take, Goddess?"... "Are we there yet?"... "Goddess, how far is it?"... "I can't walk any longer"... "I'm so thirsty, Goddess"
Ok, the first one was easy to answer "So long as i normaly take my time to spank your lil' slave ass.... rreeaaalllly long". For the next dumb questions and naggings it was very good that i brought that nice and sweet cockgag with me.
But first things first and to kill2birds with one stone... on one side saving my slave dying for thirst and on the other side saving the nature against the drought.
So... just have a look... :D :D :D
Guidebook Education Pt. 5 - Facesitting  0

or how to let your slave gasp for breath...

Assworship from it's finest that was what i expected but what i did get was such a disappointment.
Even to stupid to hold his breath. Furthermore he touches and grabs me and tries to push away goddess precious Latexass. Such an ungrateful slave.
For this he's to be punished with tickletorture and good amount of spanks on his microdick. It's just the only thing his microdick is good for. When you can score with length... swollen width definitely must.

Are there no more usefull slaves out there ? Instead only wankers as far as you can see

The TV Makeup Tutorial or how to become a cocksucking slut 0

So you little pig you want to be a cocksucking hoe ?

Look at you... Who does really want to touch, even less fuck you ?

There has to be extensive tutoring. So you lil' cunt come here to get your makeover. Your luck that goddess has her magical suitcase right here for such desperate cases as you are.
A little bit of rouge here, some eyelines there and as finish that bright red lipstick. And 1,2,3 you're the high-class top cocksucking slut who's willing to present her horny little ass to everybody to make good money for the goddess.

Cause only the hottest slut gets the fuck


A picture paints...

2019-06-07Avengelique3:28 minutesFetish, Nylon, Stockings
A picture paints... 0

...a thousands words.

Is that true ? Assure yourself you useless little slavepig

Goddess is gracious and is posing very sexy for you nylon, heels, feet, leather, ass and bigtits fetishist as well as for you always jerking but cum-denied slavepigs.
A touch of leather leaving all important parts free. A ass big, round and bright white in black leather. Huge breasts nodding up and down and nearly jumping out of that sexy corsage.
A touch of nylon with some footwork that stimulates your inner cinema. And save the best for last... black heels which will dance the night away on your little slave body

So be hypnotized...

Wedges cleaning

2019-05-31Avengelique4:12 minutesFoot Fetish, High heels
Wedges cleaning 0
Mistress got new wedges and they just need their frist polish to get their shine.
So what's a slave tongue worth for ?
Right... out with your tongue and get startet. And do it good, do it real good.

Slavelife is a pony farm

2019-02-156:10 minutesOutdoors, Pony Play, Slave
Slavelife is a pony farm 0

Nice and warm weather! Time to make the lame, horny rubbery horse get a move on, so that the lazy sow once again starts to sweat and leaves a few liters of water on the street!
So off to the curb, and move your ass to serve your mistress! Off to the journey - many camera angles!

WIshclip Makeup - see me doing my makeup

2019-02-0829:13 minutesFetish
WIshclip Makeup - see me doing my makeup 0

So you horny wanker, make-up fetishists, shemale and rubber dolls .... you don't believe that your mistress wakes up with marvelously finished make-up don't ya ?

Now here's your make up tutorial paired with some fine dirty talk for you horny piggies out there. The one's that already gets hard when a woman just puts on some lipstick.
Watch me while i'm preparing my makeup and learn if you're a TV.

Rubbery and Slipery - jerk off instruction 0

Oh, the cock is outside and is taken care of already?

Nice, then I'll heat you up times with this hot JOI, in which I also use a dildo for masturbation and tit fucking, So you can still inject powerless tomorrow, you horny pig!

Avengelique & Vexis: Rubber-Fuckdolls Deluxe

2018-12-0616:36 minutesLatex, Lesbian
Avengelique & Vexis: Rubber-Fuckdolls Deluxe 0

Finally, a dream come true for many of you: Avengelique and Vexis together at last in one hell of a big clip which is full of the finest heavy rubber action!

See them wear the famous, fabulous tittydoll-latex-outfits (in a great, fitting, color, combination), and see them using dildoes, tongues, hands and more.
Lots of great style and fantastic, exstatic, kinky sex, great camera angles make this one an instant classic, that you will want see over and over again. These horny latexvixens know what they want and what you want - so don't hesitate and treat yourself to this sensational exclusive piece of extreme fetish-fantasy