Berliner Luft Pt.3

2020-11-13Avengelique9:08 minutesBig boobs, Fetish, Latex

And here's the last part of the berlin fetish trilogy

Here you see Ave walking down the road of June 17th towards the Brandburger Tor, completely covered in black rubber.
See her elegant walk in her ultraheels, stopping by the the famous sowjet monument where you can see her pose extensively against powerful weapons of WW2, mighty flak cannons and tanks.
To fit the picture she also pulls a heavy gasmask over her head....

a great outdoor vid series comes to an end, add it to your collection now!



2018-12-068:12 minutesBig boobs, Latex

It's‚time for a new clips, friends!

In this one, we see Mistress Avengelique in a nice, shiny combination of black and red latex clothing, featuring a very, very tight red leggings with crotch-zipper, a red-black full corset, black gloves, tigh-high platform boots together with a brand-new full-face-mask and a black shirt.

See awesome shots of Aveneglique's‚latex bound ass from all kinds of angles, while she massages her buttocks and oils the up. After that the performance continues with taking off the shirt, carssing it, massaging her whole body with it. See lots of kinky tit-fondling and her lustful eyes....

As always yo will experience the full load of latex-fetish with professional editing, striking angles and more shiny rubber than your cock can take.