Avengelique & Raven - Suck My Cock, Latexbitch! 0

Favorite big boob latex-dominatrix Avengelique teams up with Rubbermaid Raven to bring you a suck-and-fuck-a-thon you don't want to miss!

When Raven is caught masturbating by Avengelique, the inevutable happens: Avengelique gets horny, and uses her strap-on to get off while stuffing it in Raven's willing mouth!
See Raven lick, suck and stroke that nice big cock while Avengelique pounds her willing, wet pussy-meat with a second dildo!

There's a great, very cock-stiffening angle to be seen, where you will wish to cum over Avengelique's perfect shiny ass!
It's amazing!!! Hear them both cum in extasy, while Avengelique titfucks Raven's massive boobies, and of course while you cum, too:-)

One of our most intense, oversexed lesbian-clips to date - a simple must have!

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