Guidebook Education Pt. 04 - Today: Shoepleasing 0

My beloved 10inch high-heels only belong to best slavehands errrr tongues.

So my dirty dumbass will show all you loosers how shoeworshipping is done right.
Gonna learn something to please your mistress. Deepthroat heelsucking is the way mistress loves it.

So... What about you... Will you suck that 10inch better ?

Guidebook Education Pt. 03 - Today: Crop and Nippletorture 0

As my slave T-Nix turns out to be a complete looser who isn't good for anything... Of course, his education goes on...

Now there's the come some fun with my large variety of crops, clamps and of course my nails. Sometimes household appliances are good for many reasons, especially for such loosers like he's.
Clamps... not even they he can stand...

And he calls himself Cuntlord... But only cause he's such a pussy.

You can do better and bear more, can't you ?

Guidebook Education - Today: Boot worshipping 0

There's he again... the lil' slave nixnutz who can't even lick and worship mistress boots in the correct manner.

So here's your guidebook "how to correctly whorship mistress boots". Just for you to know how the cat jumps... You know the drill, don't you ?
Can you proof your worth it ? Or are you to weak for that little bit nippletorture?

Slavelife is a pony farm

2019-02-156:10 minutesOutdoors, Pony Play, Slave
Slavelife is a pony farm 0

Nice and warm weather! Time to make the lame, horny rubbery horse get a move on, so that the lazy sow once again starts to sweat and leaves a few liters of water on the street!
So off to the curb, and move your ass to serve your mistress! Off to the journey - many camera angles!