Best of pee

2021-01-22Avengelique, Buffy, DarkWing-Zero , and Slutlana7:35 minutesMask Fetish, Peeing
Best  of   pee 0

Piss, piss and  more  piss. Wet games over  the years  the best   scence

Berliner Luft Pt.1

2020-10-15Avengelique6:00 minutesBig boobs, Latex, Peeing
Berliner Luft Pt.1 0

From goddess vault - A classy fetish trilogy

Avengelique was visiting Berlin, attending a rubber event, and so she was clad in latex quite some time...
Here she strolls around in a public park, posing at strange fountain - and when the time was right, well, when her bladder was full, she simply releases her sweet into the basin...

Close encounter of a transparent Art - Phase 4 0

Endphase - It's time to release him from his "pain" and jerk-off all of his juices.
He cums in a good load on my mask

Close encounter of a transparent Art - Phase 3 0

For Phase 3 i'm again taking over the lead and showing the whore what's behind the p-therapy
Goddess golden nectar is filled up in some medical urinebag and will be given over a tube

Double-P-I-S-S-Action in Latex

2020-01-02Avengelique and Slutlana5:07 minutesLesbian, Peeing
Double-P-I-S-S-Action in Latex 0

Here Avengelique and her rubberwhorestudent Slutlana-X are just wetting themselves and the bathtub with their golden honey!

Dressed in their kinky, cum-inducing latex-attire from their previous shiny and perverted clips, they make sure, your cock grows big again.
Also, Slutlana's massive ammount of released in wave after wave needs to be seen to be believed! galore! After they have emptied their bladderes, it's time for some little showering....

Fight the drought

2019-10-10Avengelique1:57 minutesNylon, Outdoors, Peeing
Fight the drought 0
Once in a lifetime you let your slave accompany you on a hiking trail, cause you were in a pleasantfull mood... and then the only you hear constantly is...
"How long will it take, Goddess?"... "Are we there yet?"... "Goddess, how far is it?"... "I can't walk any longer"... "I'm so thirsty, Goddess"
Ok, the first one was easy to answer "So long as i normaly take my time to spank your lil' slave ass.... rreeaaalllly long". For the next dumb questions and naggings it was very good that i brought that nice and sweet cockgag with me.
But first things first and to kill2birds with one stone... on one side saving my slave dying for thirst and on the other side saving the nature against the drought.
So... just have a look... :D :D :D

Extreme Heels and Peeing

2019-09-267:22 minutesLatex, Peeing
Extreme Heels and Peeing 0

Here's a video of me wearing skintight latex, nylons and very hig heels.

After a short glance i'm starting to oil my big tits and legs realy realy good.
Then i thought i would be a good idea to shine up my high heels a little bit, and there's no better oil to shine things up than sweet pussyjuice.

Whilst shining them up i got so very horny that i'm rubbing them to a massive orgasm

After this i've to get some relief and starting to piss in my pants since their soaking full and my piss runs down my nylon legs

Don't miss that and the very much detailviews

Little P Break

2019-06-133:04 minutesPeeing
Little P Break 0

After a long fotoshooting i had to take a little "p" break. So c'mon an join me while i take a piss 

Slutlana Shorts 3 - The necessities of Gummiklofrau 0

Short clip of my last rubberwhore Slutlana that desperately needs time to make her wet hole really wet - what a horny, nasty, dirty Latextstute that there pissing comes from their almost jaunty Saftfotze again.
Yes, I like it. And you also.

Tittydolls - Double Piss

2018-12-053:00 minutesPeeing
Tittydolls - Double Piss 0

Double Size Tits, Double Kink, Double Piss ....

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