Classic - Time Out

2021-09-13Avengelique21 imagesLatex, Strapon
Classic - Time Out 0

Photos: 21
Photographer: Latexistenz
Model: Avengelique

Tags: strapon, latex

The Lady

2021-09-06Avengelique54 imagesLatex
The Lady 0

Photos: 54
Photographer: Latexistenz
Model: Avengelique

Gumboots Parade

2021-09-02Avengelique6:00 minutesFetish, Foot Fetish, Latex

Freshly requested by the user, I present you my rubber boots ... the hot black little ones from Fischkudder, the elegant riding boots and the Supergirl with a small heel in red. Do we want to see if they keep their promises? In addition to hot sweaty foot scent and tightness ..... will they withstand the large puddle or do you have to throw you useless slave in so that the mistress comes over dry feet?


Transparent with Hat

2021-08-23Avengelique56 imagesLatex, Rubber

Best of Femdom Pt.03

2021-08-12Avengelique13:28 minutesBig boobs, Fetish, Latex

Part 3 of my best femdom clips

Pony play, latex enslavement, Ultraheels worship or even nipple torture....
Everything is possible and if you don't keep still an have ways to keep you still ;-) My crop will dance the tango on your little slave ass and let it show off in all the colors of the rainbow.

And you will not be able to do anything about it, because you are nothing. You are my nothing and you are mine with all what you have

Cosplay Kusanagi Animagic 2003

2021-08-09DarkWing-Zero 83 imagesCostume, Latex
Cosplay Kusanagi Animagic 2003 0

83 Photos
Models: Avengelique

DarkDoll Nightmare part 1 0


Photographer :Latexistenz

Model: DarkWing-Zero,

The horny cock juicing

2021-07-29Avengelique8:16 minutesBig boobs, Blow Job, Latex

As you're a loser who can do nothing right, from now on you will serve me as my lil' cuckold. Locked up in chastity you will have to endure how i will juice me hubbyslave, suck his cock, giving him a titfuck and last but not least sucking his juice directly out of his cock.

Can you bear that.. you little cunt?

Fetish evolution part  4 0


Photographer :Latexistenz

Model: DarkWing-Zero, Joanne Lafountaine, and T-NIX the Gimp

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