Long nails big tits

2020-07-106:12 minutesBig boobs, Fetish

After a long time it is time again, the mega long red metallic fingernails are back at the start. In the hot and skimpy wetlook body i enjoy myself und knead my hot big tits. I let these long claws run over the entire goddess body.

Well then... the slave's little wiener is getting hard? Wanking... only if i allow you to...

Resolution 1080p so we increase the quality a little bigger than usual

Shortly before renovating the living room i get so wet and has to care about a little dildo.

So it ended up with with good caring for the dildo and making this joi clip about ass, tits, whanking, good caring of dildos ;-) and especially wetlook outfits.
So don't miss this one of a kind clip produced out of curiosity


2020-04-108:00 minutesFetish, Costume

And here's your special easter egg suprise...

Your Goddess as easter bunny... Am i not a cute bunny... and look what i do with that carrot

Rotten flesh 0

Darkwing-Zero as makeup / bodystyle / bodypaint artist doing an on-the-fly latex paintjob for a special shooting from Xarah von den Vielenregen


Photographer : latexistenz


2019-10-21DarkWing-Zero and Joanne Lafontaine74 imagesFetish, Mask Fetish, Rubber

Darkwing-Zero and Joan Lafontaine showing how hot & sexy wearing Gasmasks and Heavyrubber can be

Emergency Room 02

2019-10-14DarkWing-Zero and Lady Cassandra61 imagesFetish, Medical, Rubber
Emergency Room 02 0

2nd Part

Darkwing-Zero showing us again how sexy a nurse can be. This time she has company from nurse Lady Cassandra.


Photographer: Elisabeth Hackmann

Rubberboot inauguration

2019-09-20Avengelique4:42 minutesFetish, Outdoors, Shoes

Hey loosers, y'all liked my new red hot as hell rubber boots. And now it's time to clean them. Clean them the slave way...  ;-) :D

So goddess is taking you with her ranging the fields. And as she sees a nice puddle of mud she decided to mess them up really well... ESPECIALLY just for you.
Water is splashing and mud is covering the boots all over.

Who's swifty slave tongue will now clean them up ?

Right you're... it's yours... So c'mon try on hard cleaning goddess boots so that they are all shiny again.

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