Clear Nurse

2019-04-15 Avengelique 25 images Fetish, Latex
Clear Nurse 0

Lady Avengelique as your ER Nurse wearing a transparent latexsuit mit black mask, black stocking and also black gloves


Photographer: Latexistenz

Heels Worshipping

2019-04-05 6:05 minutes Fetish, High heels

Goddess has brandnew overknees. Exactly the right ones for a diligent slaves tongue.

Of course i present them to you in a stunning outfit which this times comes with raincoat and nylon suit which highlights my curves.
So get going little worm and clean my boots. Clean them good. And who knews... eventually... just eventually i will allow you to cum on them once and for sure you'll clean of the mess afterwards.

Embrace your destiny.

Bedtime Stories 01

2019-03-18 DarkWing-Zero 80 images Fetish, Latex
Bedtime Stories 01 0

Darkwing-Zero showing us her night dress.
Transparent latexdress with black corsett and ruffle collar

Photographer: Elisabeth Hackmann

Especialy for you slave pigs, there is a new series that will teach you how to obey.

Also for future ladies this is just as recommendable. Many Nixnutze do not know how to introduce oneself to the mistress, behaves when she is in the room or sometimes outside the room, what the dumb slave's duties are and also what punishments are coming up to him.

This will explicitly show this series again. So hands off your little wiener, eyes open, brain on and watch very carefully you Nixnutz.

Think carefully if you can stand Mistress Avengelique and really want to be a slave, or are you just one of these wannabees you can't do anything with
Wanking has to be earned... My attention too...


2019-03-04 Avengelique 51 images Costume, Fetish, Latex
Dots... 0

Lady Avengelique in an mint green latex pencil skirt with corset

Photographer: Latexistenz

find the clip

King of my Castle 01

2019-02-11 Avengelique 53 images Fetish, Latex, Outdoors
King of  my  Castle  01 0

Lady Avengelique visiting an old castle ruin

Photographer : Latexistenz

WIshclip Makeup - see me doing my makeup

2019-02-08 29:13 minutes Fetish

So you horny wanker, make-up fetishists, shemale and rubber dolls .... you don't believe that your mistress wakes up with marvelously finished make-up don't ya ?

Now here's your make up tutorial paired with some fine dirty talk for you horny piggies out there. The one's that already gets hard when a woman just puts on some lipstick.
Watch me while i'm preparing my makeup and learn if you're a TV.

Shower Time

2019-02-04 Avengelique 24 images Fetish, Latex
Shower Time 0

Lady Avengelique taking a little shower

Photographer : Latexistenz

Torchwood Spacepolice 01

2019-01-28 DarkWing-Zero 54 images Costume, Fetish, Latex
Torchwood Spacepolice 01 0


Photographer : Guchot

Heels Showcase

2019-01-18 2:00 minutes Fetish, High heels, Latex

With some very sexy poses Lady Avengelique is showing here new gift which was tributed by a good and obedient slave.

Leatherboots with extreme high-heels in sinfull black

That'swhat's making all boot addicts a rock hard cock... Shame on you if it doesn't