Cock crushing heels

2020-05-22Avengelique4:54 minutesFemale Domination, Femdom, Instruction
Cock crushing heels 0
Hello my little slave, do you dare to visit to visit you mistress after such a long time?
So what are you waiting for... welcome your mistress the proper way she deserves. Rub that slave tongue of yours all over goddess new heels.
And do it properly. Goddess wants her new heels shiny.
You know that there will be punishment for being away that long time, don't you?
So watch closely what your slavecock is going to endure... Goddess new heels can't wait to trample and crush that lil' piece of slave meat.
So i ask again... What are you waiting for...
Heavy Rubber Double Action Wanking Instruction 0

And here are Avengelique and Slutlana performing one of the hottest wanking instructions for your hard cock!

See both of them take good care of your wet meatstick, as Avengelique titfucks a huge dildo, and Slutlana fucks herself silly in both holes!

Amazing, kinky rubber action to wank and wank and wank till your balls are drained

Guidebook Education - Today: Boot worshipping 0

There's he again... the lil' slave nixnutz who can't even lick and worship mistress boots in the correct manner.

So here's your guidebook "how to correctly whorship mistress boots". Just for you to know how the cat jumps... You know the drill, don't you ?
Can you proof your worth it ? Or are you to weak for that little bit nippletorture?

Guidebook Education - Today: Change of position 0

Especialy for you slave pigs, there is a new series that will teach you how to obey.

Also for future ladies this is just as recommendable. Many Nixnutze do not know how to introduce oneself to the mistress, behaves when she is in the room or sometimes outside the room, what the dumb slave's duties are and also what punishments are coming up to him.

This will explicitly show this series again. So hands off your little wiener, eyes open, brain on and watch very carefully you Nixnutz.

Think carefully if you can stand Mistress Avengelique and really want to be a slave, or are you just one of these wannabees you can't do anything with
Wanking has to be earned... My attention too...

Under my heels

2019-02-014:19 minutesFemale Domination, High heels
Under my heels 0

Oh my... Poor slave had the guts to arrive late for a session

Punishment is on the heels... in the truest meaning of the word :D

Slave is sentenced to severe cleaning goddess boots. And how is it done right... yes slave... solely with your tongue

And Lady Avengelique wouldn't be a good goddess if she wouldn't wear her boots with the longest heels for that. Should be worth the slave's effort :D

So slave... take out your tongue and get down and dirty


2019-01-255:27 minutesFace Sitting, Female Domination, Femdom
Air-Tight 0

Breathtaking... In the truest meaning

In this clip Lady Avengelique is showing you her understanding of queening done right

The slave is awarded with her godlike butt feeling directly on his face taking all of his breath away. Over and over again with longer periods she's sitting down and pressing her wellformed butt to his face.
Even though the slave begs for mercy and release just after some seconds, his enjoyment could not be overseen.

A rock hard slavecock is definitely calling for some chastity :D

And as a good slave showing his appreciation... he's allowed to say good bye by kissing her special cheeks

A must see clip for all you facesitting addicts



The training concludes with an epic climax: Prepared by Mistress Avengelique with a pussy-pump to make her cunt ready, Slutlana receives kinky toys in ALL of her holes.

For the first time see oral, vaginal and anal plugging simultaneously! Slutlana is bound to explode, while fucking with her stuffed holes, sucking a dildo...oh my, what a pervert kinky rubberwhore she is! After that she will be ready to be ultimate latex fuckdoll for good!!! Sensational!!!


In the next installment it's time for Avengelique to train Slutlana with an additional array of lust-inducing toys.

What a perverted, shiny fuckdoll!



Time for a new rubberslut - enter Slutlana X!

In this exciting perverted series of clips you will experience a new breed of raunchy, kinky, rubber-addicted bitch, that needs to be trained in full!
As Avengelique is her new mistress this is going to be wild, wild ride.

In this first part, Slutlana is being caught by our mistress while masturbating!
Avengelique wants her to present herself and her wet hole and touches her, fingers her to make her even more lusty and wet while she continues to finger herself....what a horny whore who seriously needs to be fucked!