Best of Femdom Pt.02

2021-07-15Avengelique9:51 minutesBig boobs, Fetish, Latex

Part 2 of my best femdom clips

You're gasping for fresh air, breathing get's harder and harder, your lungs are starting to burn...

Sweat is pouring out of your latex catsuit and your almighty mistress is holding the air hose shut of your gasmask. Allowing to smell your mistress pussy or even bader... sealing you into her vacuum bed and lowering down her goddess ass to your face... Facesitting of the highest quality

The dildo hose

2021-07-01Avengelique5:24 minutesBig boobs, Latex

Continuing the hot mess it's time to get on the gasmask and attach a very special accessoir.

The olfactory dildo...

Normaly this special accessoir is just lil' slavepigs... like you. But unfortunately you're such a loser that you didn't achive to earn it.

Therefor you only can watch how mistress is havin fun with it on her own... having the precious pussy smell all for her alone.

Classic DarkDoll

2021-06-21DarkWing-Zero 91 imagesBig boobs, Blonde, Latex
Classic  DarkDoll 0


Photographer :Latexistenz

Model: DarkWing-Zero

the undergrowth tensioner

2021-05-14Avengelique1:46 minutesBig boobs, Blonde, Instruction

Up what comes from the forest? It is the tensioner hidden deep in the undergrowth. You think I don't see you my crazy wanker? How do you lie in wait with your binoculars? I discovered you a long time ago and I have fun teasing you. The entire foliage will tremble with your lust. Finally you have to wank your hard cock so neatly at the look of my wonderfully tight-fitting leather pants which brings out my ass nice pall and lets you guess my juicy cunt. Get an appetite? Avarice is known to be cool but be careful not to get everything with it

Classic Dom

2021-05-10DarkWing-Zero 46 imagesBig boobs, Fetish, Latex
Classic Dom 0


Photographer :Latexitenz

Model: DarkWing-Zero

The leather wanker

2021-04-30Avengelique1:29 minutesBig boobs, Blonde, Fetish
The leather wanker 0

A beautiful sunny day in autumn and you little wanker want to spray me on my sexy leather pants. Does the slave pig deserve it .... Pact simply the tail in the oven to jerk off ?. Then do it right you horny bastard. Los wixhs immediately on the spot and collect the next

Stairs to castle

2021-04-05Avengelique41 imagesBig boobs, Latex, Outdoors
Stairs to  castle 0


Photographer : Latexitenz

Model: Avengelique

Heavy Rubber Zipperface: Kinky & Intense Hand- and Footjob! Pt.1 0


Here is Avengelique wearing her newest rubber attire, including a very kinky and unique designer mask with a zipper-mouth!
This new latex-wear is very welcome in this clip: It's time for a very intense and exciting hand-and footjob-combination!

See lots of great jerk-off shots, great angles and superb xxx-action resulting in another clip extravaganza from your favorite big-boobed latex-fetish-store

Also perfect for foot and leg-lovers!

Avengelique & Vexis: Rubbertwins Action! 0

A new sesnational clip starring Avengelique and Vexis doing dirty, kinky things, getting into total action with each other!

This time they wear almost identical heavy rubber latex outfits, a perfect match for each other!
See them rub their pussies, lick and finger each other to almost squirting orgasms - all in varied, supersexy positions! See their lovely shiny bodies entangled in hot steamy kinky sex acts!

Those big-boobed latexvixens always know how to push the right buttons of their latexlovinns!

It's another great, exclusive cumfest with fabulous camera-angles you don't want to miss


2021-03-22Avengelique73 imagesBig boobs, Latex, Outdoors
Gothica 0


Photographer : Latexitenz

Model: Avengelique

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