Best of Ass

2021-01-15Avengelique and DarkWing-Zero 5:25 minutesAsses, Fetish, Latex

Best of  Ass  the best  of  Year  full of  Asses


2020-10-0212:38 minutesAsses, Big boobs, Latex

13 times Avengelique's ass!

Shoot your load over and over again! Full DVD-resolution! And here's the second collection of kinky jerk-off help coming from your rubber-goddess Avengelique.
In this vid, you'll experience 13 compiled scenes of Avengelique's derriere in shiny, tight rubber, emphasiszing her sexy curves even more. In addition you'll also see some ladypussy, of course, but the main focus lies on ASS!

Personally edited and chosen for this collection by Avengelique herself this collection surely will have a deep thrilling impact on your stiff cock! Many of these scenes are, for the first time, avaiable in their full DVD-resolution. Again without filtering, this is the raw, up until now unseen, power of latexbuttocks


2020-03-2710:01 minutesAsses, Big boobs, Maid Fetish

Another wish that has been requested many times is being taken care of!

This next special clip fullfils the need to see lovely Avengelique doing some kinky householdwork in the kitchen wearing a very revealing and appealing latex-outfit.
Look how amazingly huge her boobs look while she cleans the oven and takes out the dishes out of the dishwasher...featuring lots of great angles and exciting perspectives!

Come and get it now!

Teasing is believing

2019-03-085:53 minutesAsses, Big boobs, Latex
Teasing is believing 0

You little slave piggie...

You want this goddesslike body all for yourself ? Bad luck!

I'll show you how much you want him, how much you need him. The classy and sexy body of your mistress.
Her big boobs one moment away from slipping out of her latex-bra. Her long shiny hair and beautifull legs with powerfull thighs which can grab you hard and tow you in her warmth middle.

This is you need so dearly... This is you're craving for

Rubber-Ass-Horniness! Back in Action!

2018-12-065:00 minutesAsses, Big boobs, Latex
Rubber-Ass-Horniness! Back in Action! 0

Finally - your one and only mistress is back and giving you the oppurtunity to jerk-off your weak cock again to her kinky clips to strengthen your manhood once again!
Begin by wanking to the looks of my goddess-like behinds. Worship my ass, or you'll taste some beating.