Under 3 Layers 0

Darkwing-Zero wearing a black heavyrubber breastfree catsuit which is showing her beautifull ernomous breasts and a black rubbermask covering her head. To top the Outfit she slipped in some very sexy black highheels.
Over that catsuit she is wearing a transparent latexsuit which is covering her full body and so presenting her boobs in an even more sexier look.

As the Outfit is set and done... it comes to the play :D

Very hot sexy posing get's even hotter when she puts on gasmask and plays around with it.

But what's that... some hidden stranger must have sneaked in and out silently and made a litte "mess" on her catsuit which is now dripping on the ground.

And cause Darkwing-Zero is no one who would waste that precious gold, she starts to play with it.
Rubbing it all over the transparent latex suit, making her covered breasts, her face and even the area "down there" very hot looking


Photographer :  Guchot