Superboober Heavy Rubber Maid Pt.2 0

After last weeks Superboober Nurse here is what lots of you have been wanting to see: The Superboober Maid, heavy rubber style.

In our opinion of the most sexiest and kinkiest outfits we have ever brought onto video. See Avengelique wearing her one of a kind superboober catsuit combined with white long stockings, garterbelt, black/white gloves and ultrasexy, high stiletto-heels. Later on she puts on a white gasmask, screwing on a latex-dildo, fucking her own megatits! And after that, she takes a long hose and links its end to this dildo, and fucks herself silly, smelling her own horny pussyjuices.

Avengelique is such a foxy lady!
After an exhausting masturbation session she hungers for cock, so she gets it, milking and stroking it with her skillfull hands and shiny rubberboobs....
Wow, this really is one hell of an arousing and exciting clip. This is a must-have to add to your collection