Freshly made in the heat of the day... cause only the strong and pervy will survive.

Rubberdoll Slutlana and your Mistress Lady Avengelique fully dressed up in heavy rubber mega torpedotitts will make your lil' slavecock rockhard whilst wanking to our instructions.

So you little pervy slave worship your rubberladies, jerk-off and cum for us with a double load... one for each of us

Senshi-Girl 02

2019-10-28DarkWing-Zero 48 imagesHigh heels, Latex, Outdoors
Senshi-Girl 02 0

Shooting Pt.2

Darkwing-Zero at one of her frequent outdoor walks in an public park
This time she shows us whilst sexy posing a black latextop covered by an contrast making black-silver corsage.
Black latex gloves are the attire of the hour combined with black latextrouser and completed by hot black high-heels

Photographer: Latexistenz

The fun has no end the second part of horny showing gasmask on the great Titsdolls


2019-10-21DarkWing-Zero and Joanne Lafontaine74 imagesFetish, Mask Fetish, Rubber

Darkwing-Zero and Joan Lafontaine showing how hot & sexy wearing Gasmasks and Heavyrubber can be

Slutlana and Ave in their favorite topedotits outfit. One doll in red, one doll in black trying gasmasks and tell you how horney this game they made

Emergency Room 02

2019-10-14DarkWing-Zero and Lady Cassandra61 imagesFetish, Medical, Rubber
Emergency Room 02 0

2nd Part

Darkwing-Zero showing us again how sexy a nurse can be. This time she has company from nurse Lady Cassandra.


Photographer: Elisabeth Hackmann

Fight the drought

2019-10-11Avengelique1:57 minutesNylon, Outdoors, Peeing
Once in a lifetime you let your slave accompany you on a hiking trail, cause you were in a pleasantfull mood... and then the only you hear constantly is...
"How long will it take, Goddess?"... "Are we there yet?"... "Goddess, how far is it?"... "I can't walk any longer"... "I'm so thirsty, Goddess"
Ok, the first one was easy to answer "So long as i normaly take my time to spank your lil' slave ass.... rreeaaalllly long". For the next dumb questions and naggings it was very good that i brought that nice and sweet cockgag with me.
But first things first and to kill2birds with one stone... on one side saving my slave dying for thirst and on the other side saving the nature against the drought.
So... just have a look... :D :D :D

Russian Affair

2019-10-07Toxic Kitty29 imagesLatex, Outdoors
Russian Affair 0

This is the single-part of the "freeland chicks" shooting solely with Toxic-kitty.
Wearing a black latex body suit with a very nice and hot cleavage and also very hot high-heel plateau boots

Photographer :  Latexistenz

Biker-Bitch - Jerking

2019-10-045:29 minutesBig boobs, Latex

As your goddess is now very horny and your looks ready for action... it's time for getting my cum

Freeland Chicks

2019-09-30DarkWing-Zero and Toxic Kitty32 imagesLatex, Outdoors
Freeland Chicks 0

A duo outdoor shooting with darkwing-zero and toxic kitty doing some very sexy posing in a public park.

Darkwing-Zero wearing black latex trousers with hot black high-heel plateau boots. Her semi transparent dark silber metalic dress is covered by a black corsage
Toxic-kitty wearing a black latex body suit with a very nice and hot cleavage and also very hot high-heel plateau boots

Photographer :  Latexistenz