Lessons in Latex - Milking Right Pt.1 0

The newest attraction awaits you now - a HD suck'n'wank-athon for your cock, instruction style!

Let Rubberteacher Ave in her gorgeous outfit, complete with sexy golden boots for her long legs, guide you thorugh the art of milking featuring kinky, german dirty talk

Ave's‚lessons include: Teasing - stroking - licking - sucking - wanking - tittyfucking, bringing milking a big cock to a whole new level. You'll‚ learn a big deal about how to dry out your own bally by stroking your dick countless times to this sensational new clip, because our Ave always knows what your perverted, kinky little brain needs to see to make your cock steelhard and wet like a torpedo in the water! Let Ave be your oiled big-titted shiny mistress and add this clip to your collection of fetish-favorites!

Two lovely balls

2020-06-15Avengelique25 imagesLatex, Mask Fetish


2020-06-12Avengelique5:17 minutesCostume, Latex
Weih-Rauch 0
Report to mother superior immediately and tell me why you didn't finish your given tasks.
Are there other sins you want to confess?
Let me tell you your way to absolution and how you can win my favour again

Fast help

2020-06-054:04 minutesJerk Off Instruction
Fast help 0
He you...
Wanna get jerked... jerked real good. And then cum like there's no tomorrow?
OK.. No answer necessary. The massive bulge in your trousers did that for you.
Then let's start the party... But don't you dare to come early..


2020-05-294:22 minutesFemdom, Latex
Education 0
You little slavepig, i've seen you...
As you were peeping through the window... unallowed... peeping through the window and wanking... definitely unallowed.
You know that there will be harsh consequences, don't you?
What punishment you're asking... If i would tell you right now... there would be no fun for me.
But i will tell you this... It will have a light, a candle and your slave cock in it.
So get undressed and present your little slave cock

Cock crushing heels

2020-05-22Avengelique4:54 minutesFemale Domination, Femdom, Instruction
Cock crushing heels 0
Hello my little slave, do you dare to visit to visit you mistress after such a long time?
So what are you waiting for... welcome your mistress the proper way she deserves. Rub that slave tongue of yours all over goddess new heels.
And do it properly. Goddess wants her new heels shiny.
You know that there will be punishment for being away that long time, don't you?
So watch closely what your slavecock is going to endure... Goddess new heels can't wait to trample and crush that lil' piece of slave meat.
So i ask again... What are you waiting for...

Surgery Nurse Pt.02

2020-05-18Avengelique24 imagesCostume, Latex