Avengelique: Latex Showstopper XXX

2018-12-068:22 minutesBig boobs, Latex, Toys
Avengelique: Latex Showstopper XXX 0

Here is the promised hardcore continuation of the Latex Showstopper starring lusty, kinky Mistress Avengelique in her complete red / black latex attire performing her awesome "Gummisex"

She starts by licking and sucking on her new inflatable black rubber-dildo, and opens up her crotch-zipper to let us see her shaved, juicy pussy - it longs for huge cock!

She stuffes her wet hole with the big black monster and gets off. Look at her eyes! It's‚true lust....

After having fucked herself to extasy, Avengelique wants to stroke a real cock, and so her will be done. With skillful gloved hands she dispatches a big load of cum, as the slavecock simply can't‚take it anymore


2018-12-068:12 minutesBig boobs, Latex

It's‚time for a new clips, friends!

In this one, we see Mistress Avengelique in a nice, shiny combination of black and red latex clothing, featuring a very, very tight red leggings with crotch-zipper, a red-black full corset, black gloves, tigh-high platform boots together with a brand-new full-face-mask and a black shirt.

See awesome shots of Aveneglique's‚latex bound ass from all kinds of angles, while she massages her buttocks and oils the up. After that the performance continues with taking off the shirt, carssing it, massaging her whole body with it. See lots of kinky tit-fondling and her lustful eyes....

As always yo will experience the full load of latex-fetish with professional editing, striking angles and more shiny rubber than your cock can take.


2018-12-0614:05 minutesBig boobs, Latex

Welcome to the amazing next installment of the Mega-Ubertit-collection featuring cockhungry mistress Avengelique in her uberboober extreme outfit

In this exclusive high quality clip cocks must fall! Well, at least one - tormented to extasy this poor slavecock must endure one of the most amazing milking-sessions ever!
Lots of extremely wet and slobby shiny tittyfucking, rubbing, stroking, be it single-handed or with both, grabbing, massaging, licking, whatever it is, it'll drive the slave crazy!

His cock will even get slapped wildly inbettween those superboobs! And wait: He shoots his load way too early...oh my! Mercyless Avengelique simply wants more cockjuice over her shiny tits, so she just does what a mistress wants - Make him hard once again, and stroke it even harder....till it finally explodes in a full load of sticky cum! Sensational! Believe us, you'll‚ have to own this clip, do yourself the favor and get it, to experience the full kinky impact.

You'll‚ watch this one more often, than your cock can handle, so be cautious:-)

Avengelique: MEGA-UBERTITS - The biggest, shiniest boobs ever! 0

After the overwhelming success of the Torpedotits- and Ubertit-clips, we have decided to size up the boobs even more.
Like a kinky-latex-superheroine-character straight out of a comic book, Avengelique steps out into the "real world" having these megasized melons, heavy-rubberized, wearing two-way-zippered-catsuit, layered with corset, pink gloves and stockings, and accentuated with mask, ultra-platform-heels, and stylish wig.

Watch her get hot and wet, massaging her giant shiny mammaries, ass and juicy pussy, moaning for more. Just take a look at her sex-hungry-eyes and her tongue falling out of her mouth....

A perfect rubber-creature, a dream come true for the latex-enthusiast, this exclusive clips features great action to stiffen your cock (and make it shooot load after load) countless times, accompanied with lots of excellent camera-angles and professional editing, focussing on what makes you hard and cum.

Avengelique & Raven: Tittydoll's Dildo-Domination! 0

After having Raven dressed up Raven as kinky rubberdoll with megatits, big-titty dominatrix Avengelique decides, it's time to get dirty!

A massive use of dildoes is at hand and Avengelique forces Raven to pleasure herself, sucking and fucking these huge cocks, getting her to a big, screaming orgasm.
That's the way of a sexslave - see it for yourself and wank your wiener, as Avengelique allows you to cum simulatenously with Raven