Starlight FetishEvolution Part 1 0


Photographer : Marc - Gummigelüste

Model: DarkWing-Zero

Ministry of Finance

2020-12-11Avengelique4:50 minutesBig boobs, Femdom, Money Domination
So you little horny pig, bring me all your money very quickly. The goddess needs her luxury so let the fountain gush. 
Maybe I'll let you cum afterwards ... But! I have to like what gushes out of both hard columns

Classic Castle

2020-12-07DarkWing-Zero 31 imagesBlonde, Fetish, Latex
Classic Castle  0


Photographer :Harri - Shiny Ladies

Model: DarkWing-Zero

Gummi Luxus

2020-12-04Avengelique13:09 minutesBlow Job, Latex, Mask Fetish

The marriage slave caught the rubber mistress in slut mode again. What a rubber luxury, so fully rubberized in a sexy transparent catsuit with black accessories ...
There the marriage tail stands tight and firm, now it is blown to ecstasy.
A clip for all rubber lovers

Day of the T......

2020-11-3035 imagesFetish, Latex
Day of the T...... 0

Lady Avengelique wearing an red & black full latexsuit

Photographer : Latexistenz

If you find these pics hot... look for the 3 part video "Day of the T......"

Noble jerks

2020-11-27Avengelique10:23 minutesBig boobs, Fetish, Handjob
Noble jerks 0
The mistress is bored, in lace and jewelry, which flashes and shines, the fat-titted goddess is waiting for the knight with a golden tail. 
Failure upon failure was now with her and they bored her ... will be the next cock, the next victim, YOU! possibly the golden tail that is worth
deviating from the Contessa and waking her up from her sl**p?

Mother susperior garden eden 01

2020-11-2355 imagesCostume, Fetish, Latex
Mother susperior garden eden 01 0

Lady Avengelique as mother superior wandering around in garden eden

Photographer : Latexistenz

Glamorous Governess

2020-11-20Avengelique12:04 minutesLatex
Glamorous Governess 0

This time, short and simple , Ave is quite horny after a photoshoot, dressed in a fantastic attire, she poses in very sexy and alluring ways, getting more excited with each passing minute, before she releases her big tits before opening her shiny skirt...

Then it's time to use her big black blow-up dildo to stuff her hungry pussy....and afterwards she rubs her juicy hole with her bare long fingernailed hands to the final releasing climax!
As always, expect great camera angles and exciting posing and action from your favorite mistress Avengelique!

The Maid

2020-11-1667 imagesMaid Fetish, Mask Fetish, Rubber
The Maid 0

Photos: 67


Photograpfer  : Latexistenz

Berliner Luft Pt.3

2020-11-13Avengelique9:08 minutesBig boobs, Fetish, Latex
Berliner Luft Pt.3 0

And here's the last part of the berlin fetish trilogy

Here you see Ave walking down the road of June 17th towards the Brandburger Tor, completely covered in black rubber.
See her elegant walk in her ultraheels, stopping by the the famous sowjet monument where you can see her pose extensively against powerful weapons of WW2, mighty flak cannons and tanks.
To fit the picture she also pulls a heavy gasmask over her head....

a great outdoor vid series comes to an end, add it to your collection now!