WIshclip Makeup - see me doing my makeup

2019-02-08 29:13 minutes Fetish

So you horny wanker, make-up fetishists, shemale and rubber dolls .... you don't believe that your mistress wakes up with marvelously finished make-up don't ya ?

Now here's your make up tutorial paired with some fine dirty talk for you horny piggies out there. The one's that already gets hard when a woman just puts on some lipstick.
Watch me while i'm preparing my makeup and learn if you're a TV.

Shower Time

2019-02-04 Avengelique 24 images Fetish, Latex
Shower Time 0

Lady Avengelique taking a little shower

Photographer : Latexistenz

Under my heels

2019-02-01 4:19 minutes Female Domination, High heels

Oh my... Poor slave had the guts to arrive late for a session

Punishment is on the heels... in the truest meaning of the word :D

Slave is sentenced to severe cleaning goddess boots. And how is it done right... yes slave... solely with your tongue

And Lady Avengelique wouldn't be a good goddess if she wouldn't wear her boots with the longest heels for that. Should be worth the slave's effort :D

So slave... take out your tongue and get down and dirty

Torchwood Spacepolice 01

2019-01-28 DarkWing-Zero 54 images Costume, Fetish, Latex
Torchwood Spacepolice 01 0


Photographer : Guchot


2019-01-25 5:27 minutes Face Sitting, Female Domination, Femdom

Breathtaking... In the truest meaning

In this clip Lady Avengelique is showing you her understanding of queening done right

The slave is awarded with her godlike butt feeling directly on his face taking all of his breath away. Over and over again with longer periods she's sitting down and pressing her wellformed butt to his face.
Even though the slave begs for mercy and release just after some seconds, his enjoyment could not be overseen.

A rock hard slavecock is definitely calling for some chastity :D

And as a good slave showing his appreciation... he's allowed to say good bye by kissing her special cheeks

A must see clip for all you facesitting addicts

Mother susperior garden eden 02

2019-01-21 Avengelique 55 images Costume, Femdom, Latex
Mother susperior garden eden 02 0

Second part of Lady Avengelique as mother superior wandering around in garden eden

Photographer : Latexistenz

Heels Showcase

2019-01-18 2:00 minutes Fetish, High heels, Latex

With some very sexy poses Lady Avengelique is showing here new gift which was tributed by a good and obedient slave.

Leatherboots with extreme high-heels in sinfull black

That'swhat's making all boot addicts a rock hard cock... Shame on you if it doesn't


Room Service

2019-01-14 DarkWing-Zero 21 images Fetish, Latex
Room Service 0

DarkWing-Zero wearing a transparent blue fullbody latex suit with a white corset

Photographer : Latexistenz

After you have proven your worthlessness, your mistress sees herself to get even the last drop of your nectar from your balls.
Not only the practised hand comes into play, but also the oiled, magnificent tits of your mistress.

Enjoy it, you worm, as long as you can. What will not be long enough, that much is clear.
Actually, you do not deserve it, but for once I am merciful, which is why I used the claws to empty your balls and get every single drop.

Men's Dreamgirl

2019-01-07 Avengelique 75 images Costume, Latex
Men's Dreamgirl 0

Lady Avengelique as pussymutant

Photographer : Elisabeth Hackmann