2020-10-26DarkWing-Zero 36 imagesBondage, Latex, Outdoors
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Photograpfer  : Latexistenz

Rubbery and Slipery - the hornymaker

2020-10-23Avengelique6:53 minutesLatex, Rubber

New megaserie! Wrapped in black rubber, a new, horny, dominant heavy rubber outfit, your mistress is preparing to dump horny bastard her bulging Balls.

First of all, oiled and horny nice.Time to pull out the cock and jerk off, slave pig!


2020-10-19Avengelique34 imagesBig boobs, Latex, Role Play
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Berliner Luft Pt.1

2020-10-16Avengelique6:00 minutesBig boobs, Latex, Peeing

From goddess vault - A classy fetish trilogy

Avengelique was visiting Berlin, attending a rubber event, and so she was clad in latex quite some time...
Here she strolls around in a public park, posing at strange fountain - and when the time was right, well, when her bladder was full, she simply releases her sweet into the basin...


2020-10-12Avengelique57 imagesBig boobs, Latex, Mask Fetish
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The smoking Misstress

2020-10-09Avengelique4:50 minutesBig boobs, Money Domination, Smoking
What kind of a little loser are you? Just fall on the mistress's lighter. Look at you, you bastard keep stuffing your ass cunt. See that you get the mistress a new bling bling but one without an ass odor


2020-10-05DarkWing-Zero 40 imagesBlonde, Latex, Outdoors
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Model: DarkWing-Zero

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2020-10-0212:38 minutesAsses, Big boobs, Latex

13 times Avengelique's ass!

Shoot your load over and over again! Full DVD-resolution! And here's the second collection of kinky jerk-off help coming from your rubber-goddess Avengelique.
In this vid, you'll experience 13 compiled scenes of Avengelique's derriere in shiny, tight rubber, emphasiszing her sexy curves even more. In addition you'll also see some ladypussy, of course, but the main focus lies on ASS!

Personally edited and chosen for this collection by Avengelique herself this collection surely will have a deep thrilling impact on your stiff cock! Many of these scenes are, for the first time, avaiable in their full DVD-resolution. Again without filtering, this is the raw, up until now unseen, power of latexbuttocks


2020-09-28DarkWing-Zero 47 imagesLatex, Mask Fetish, Rubber
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Model: DarkWing-Zero

Photograpfer  : Latexistenz

Black Lust

2020-09-25Avengelique7:53 minutesLatex, Mask Fetish, Rubber
Packed in awesome, shiny black solid rubber, the rubber governate lets you participate in their hot polishing experience. 
Swing the microfibre rag and polish my arach, my plump latex covered tits and my long legs. Go to work.