Avengelique & Vexis: Pumped up and fucked - Heavy Rubber Present Pt.2 0

Starting where the first part ended, this clip continues with more kinky action, letting Avengelique use a vaccume pump on Vexi's willing pussy.
She totally freaks out, and her fuckhole gets jucier and wetter by every pressing of the pump. After this is done, Avengelique decides to show off her huge black latex strap-on cock which was hidden under her black rubber dress.

Quickly, extremely horny Vexis takes a condom and rolls it on the big cock. Then the fucking begins! And what a fuck this is!!! Watch Vexi's amazing orgasms, itï's real. She just loves to be fucked in heavy rubber gear. After the initial fucking is done, witness an excellent tittyfuck, and cum to the sight of Vexi's oiled in, shiny boobs -it's so great to see the combination of these pierced tits and a black gasmask, what a sight!