Avengelique & Vexis: Heavy Rubber Present Pt.2 0

Oh, how pretty and adorbale sweet rubber-addicted Vexis looks!

Geared in a nice black, open crotch and open breast catsuit, she's literally bound to please. Wearing her gasmask, tigh high platform stiletto boots and gloves, accentuated with lovely ponytails, and lots of piercings in her pussy and nipples she's a real cute plaything for Mistress Avengelique.
Before she enters, Vexis gets horny and begins to play with herself. But she can't enter her pussy, because it's blocked by a band looped through her piercings. What a mess!

She's so wet and can't satisfy herself! Once Avengeliue enters, the fun begins. She starts to pull the band, rubbing her pussy, loops it through the nipple piercings, doing some nice little soft bondage and plays with her pet Vexis...