Avengelique: MEGA-UBERTITS - The biggest, shiniest boobs ever! 0

After the overwhelming success of the Torpedotits- and Ubertit-clips, we have decided to size up the boobs even more.
Like a kinky-latex-superheroine-character straight out of a comic book, Avengelique steps out into the "real world" having these megasized melons, heavy-rubberized, wearing two-way-zippered-catsuit, layered with corset, pink gloves and stockings, and accentuated with mask, ultra-platform-heels, and stylish wig.

Watch her get hot and wet, massaging her giant shiny mammaries, ass and juicy pussy, moaning for more. Just take a look at her sex-hungry-eyes and her tongue falling out of her mouth....

A perfect rubber-creature, a dream come true for the latex-enthusiast, this exclusive clips features great action to stiffen your cock (and make it shooot load after load) countless times, accompanied with lots of excellent camera-angles and professional editing, focussing on what makes you hard and cum.