2019-06-17 DarkWing-Zero and Lady Cassandra 45 images Costume, Fetish, Mask Fetish

2nd part with Darkwing-Zero and Lady Cassandra wearing pink and black heavy rubber suits with torpodetits and nice boots


Photographer: Elisabeth Hackmann

Patientenverfügung Pt.1

2019-06-14 Avengelique 6:57 minutes Big boobs, Latex, Medical

Look who's ringing for the night nurse ?

Did you do your lil' pee ? No?
Now look at you... Your lil' cock standing tall. Did you do your "patient's provision"?
When i'm finished with you dirty little wanker, you've to ask yourself if you can stand another EJO-Threatment
Sooo... just listen to your night nurse, follow her directions and everything will be ok

Bedtime Stories 02

2019-06-10 DarkWing-Zero 80 images Fetish, Latex
Bedtime Stories 02 0

2nd part of Darkwing-Zero showing us her night dress.
Transparent latexdress with black corsett and ruffle collar

Photographer: Elisabeth Hackmann

A picture paints...

2019-06-07 Avengelique 3:28 minutes Fetish, Nylon, Stockings

...a thousands words.

Is that true ? Assure yourself you useless little slavepig

Goddess is gracious and is posing very sexy for you nylon, heels, feet, leather, ass and bigtits fetishist as well as for you always jerking but cum-denied slavepigs.
A touch of leather leaving all important parts free. A ass big, round and bright white in black leather. Huge breasts nodding up and down and nearly jumping out of that sexy corsage.
A touch of nylon with some footwork that stimulates your inner cinema. And save the best for last... black heels which will dance the night away on your little slave body

So be hypnotized...

King of my Castle 02

2019-06-03 Avengelique 33 images Latex, Outdoors
King of  my  Castle  02 0

2nd part of Lady Avengelique visiting an old castle ruin

Photographer : Latexistenz

Wedges cleaning

2019-05-31 Avengelique 4:12 minutes Foot Fetish, High heels
Mistress got new wedges and they just need their frist polish to get their shine.
So what's a slave tongue worth for ?
Right... out with your tongue and get startet. And do it good, do it real good.

Bathroom Catwalk

2019-05-27 DarkWing-Zero 18 images Big boobs, High heels, Latex
Bathroom Catwalk 0

Darkwing-Zero doing some "catwalking" in her bathroom to show us one of her semi-transparent latex skirts with wearing transparent latex stockings

Photographer : Latexistenz

Wetlook Wedges

2019-05-24 Avengelique 3:19 minutes Domination, High heels
Mistress was in a good mood and made a classy appreciation clip for her wetlook&wedges addicts where mistress shows what nice tributes loyal and generous slaves made her.
Cause if you're generous mistress will recognize this and honor this at the appropriate time.
So you're now allowed to enjoy this clip... but don't you dare to wank you little slave cock...

Rhine rubber

2019-05-20 Avengelique 37 images Fetish, Latex, Outdoors
Rhine rubber 0

Lady Avengelique doing some outdoor activities on the last warm summer days in autumn.
Wearing a black heavyrubber outfit with mask and cape she poses for some great photos in a public park.

Photographer : Latexistence

This set was done after shooting the corresponding clip "Rhein Rubber" which you can find here https://www.rubbertits.net/en/collections/rhine-rubber

Berliner Luft Pt.3

2019-05-17 Avengelique 9:08 minutes Big boobs, Fetish, Latex

And here's the last part of the berlin fetish trilogy

Here you see Ave walking down the road of June 17th towards the Brandburger Tor, completely covered in black rubber.
See her elegant walk in her ultraheels, stopping by the the famous sowjet monument where you can see her pose extensively against powerful weapons of WW2, mighty flak cannons and tanks.
To fit the picture she also pulls a heavy gasmask over her head....

a great outdoor vid series comes to an end, add it to your collection now!