In the next installment it's time for Avengelique to train Slutlana with an additional array of lust-inducing toys.

What a perverted, shiny fuckdoll!

Classic - Time Out

2021-09-13Avengelique21 imagesLatex, Strapon
Classic - Time Out 0

Photos: 21
Photographer: Latexistenz
Model: Avengelique

Tags: strapon, latex

Final episode Part Two

My own private cock still gets the cockhandling of his life from us TWO latex goddesses. This time we will get him to the him with horny cocksucking and licking.


The Lady

2021-09-06Avengelique54 imagesLatex
The Lady 0

Photos: 54
Photographer: Latexistenz
Model: Avengelique

Gumboots Parade

2021-09-02Avengelique6:00 minutesFetish, Foot Fetish, Latex

Freshly requested by the user, I present you my rubber boots ... the hot black little ones from Fischkudder, the elegant riding boots and the Supergirl with a small heel in red. Do we want to see if they keep their promises? In addition to hot sweaty foot scent and tightness ..... will they withstand the large puddle or do you have to throw you useless slave in so that the mistress comes over dry feet?


Alien Rubber

2021-08-30Avengelique111 imagesFetish, Outdoors, Rubber


Time for a new rubberslut - enter Slutlana X!

In this exciting perverted series of clips you will experience a new breed of raunchy, kinky, rubber-addicted bitch, that needs to be trained in full!
As Avengelique is her new mistress this is going to be wild, wild ride.

In this first part, Slutlana is being caught by our mistress while masturbating!
Avengelique wants her to present herself and her wet hole and touches her, fingers her to make her even more lusty and wet while she continues to finger herself....what a horny whore who seriously needs to be fucked!

Transparent with Hat

2021-08-23Avengelique56 imagesLatex, Rubber

The final episodes of "Tittenpuppen" comes with a premiere...

My own private cock gets the ultimate cockhandling. Heavenly jerking his cock and dirty-talk from TWO latexgoddesses

So here's your task...  BUY IT AND START JERKING YOUR OWN COCK... NOW!!!


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