Golden Times

2019-08-23 6:51 minutes Big boobs, Fetish

Sexy posing in a shiny golden outfit from our beloved goddess. Golden boots and bra with black fingerless gloves.

Pay your tribute and praise my shiny ass and tits. And cause you can't do it alone you little wimp.. i'll give you some inspiration with putting a dildo between my huge breasts and licking of some juice


2019-08-19 DarkWing-Zero 36 images High heels, Latex, Outdoors
Silverlinings 0

Darkwing-Zero whilst walking in a public park showing us a short silver-metallic skirt whith very hot cleavage and black corsage. Completed by black latex trousers and very sexy black high-heels boots.

Photographer : Latexistenz

Big Boss

2019-08-16 6:23 minutes Latex

Following the motto "Jerk finally, properly you wimp!" shows you your rubber imperious boss, how do you take your hard cock right in her hand to make it with the Get Down to the satisfaction of your mistress works!

Asian Pt.02

2019-08-12 DarkWing-Zero 46 images Latex, Outdoors
Asian Pt.02 0

2nd Part from an outdoor shooting within an asian-style garden

Darkwing-Zero showing us an black latexdress with red and black corsage und corresponding latex trousers

DarkWing-Zero Rubbersession

2019-08-09 DarkWing-Zero 12:25 minutes Femdom

The littly gimp has much more luck. Now Lady Darkwing dominates him, fixations, Mask, Gasmask, slapping , Spankling , Beath control with Gasmask and tubes....

Transparent Intermezzo Pt.02

2019-08-05 DarkWing-Zero 32 images High heels, Latex
Transparent Intermezzo Pt.02 0

Second Part of the shooting - Darkwing-Zero wearing semi-transparent bra and latex trousers with black higheels. Additionaly a black corsett

Photographer : Elisabeth Hackmann

or how to let your slave gasp for breath...

Assworship from it's finest that was what i expected but what i did get was such a disappointment.
Even to stupid to hold his breath. Furthermore he touches and grabs me and tries to push away goddess precious Latexass. Such an ungrateful slave.
For this he's to be punished with tickletorture and good amount of spanks on his microdick. It's just the only thing his microdick is good for. When you can score with length... swollen width definitely must.

Are there no more usefull slaves out there ? Instead only wankers as far as you can see


2019-07-29 DarkWing-Zero and Lady Cassandra 45 images Costume, Fetish, Mask Fetish

3rd part with Darkwing-Zero and Lady Cassandra wearing pink and black heavy rubber suits with torpodetits and nice boots


Photographer: Elisabeth Hackmann


2019-07-26 Avengelique 5:39 minutes Blow Job, Jerk Off Instruction, Latex

There's nothing better than a big hard cock to jerk off.

Slowly with my long red claws, that's what you like you little pig. Feel my red coloured nails on your hard boner, like you lil' pigs like it.
After that i will suck'n'blow and pinch your cock even harder up to there's no more juice left and every single drop is drained.

Then my beautifull red claws will play with your juices, so it will drive you crazy.

A must see for you wanking, forced milking and finger&nail addicts

Rubber don't speak

2019-07-22 Avengelique 30 images Big boobs, Latex, Mask Fetish
Rubber don't speak 0

Avengelique wearing a black heavyrubber suit with nice cleavage and full facemask

Photographer : Latexistenz